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Choosing the right college is a pivotal moment in the lives of student-athletes. While exciting, navigating college admissions, scholarships and financial aid can also be a confusing and emotional experience. Sometimes you may benefit from a consultant who has been through it all, from both the athlete AND recruiter's standpoint. 


Dan's college recruiting services empower athletes to make their own choices and be their own advocates during the application process. Dan will share specific strategies for maximizing opportunities as a recruit, whether your biggest asset is physiology or personality. His one-on-one counseling sessions will help you navigate the college application and recruiting system by taking you step by step through the decision making process.

Walsh Rowing College Consulting Testimonial

Walsh Rowing College Consulting Testimonial

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"Dan talked me off a ledge several times during the college application process.

We were faced with a big decision, and I wanted my son to make the right choice. Thanks to Dan's guidance, my son was able to choose the college that was right for both his academic and rowing career."

-Ken Byrne

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